Nintendont save files

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Nintendont save files

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This is a Windows application that lets you create or edit nincfg. It can be used to view or edit nincfg. I also compiled my own version of Nintendont which allows the data in nincfg.

Put my custom Nintendont boot. Use the " Skip to content.

nintendont save files

A Windows program to edit Nintendont's nincfg. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master.

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Failed to load latest commit information. Merge branch 'master' of github. Jun 3, Get HexBox from NuGet. Dec 26, Add struct. Dec 24, Jul 29, View code. Custom Homebrew Channel entries I also compiled my own version of Nintendont which allows the data in nincfg. About A Windows program to edit Nintendont's nincfg. Jan 4, You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.The interactive file manager requires Javascript.

Please enable it or use sftp or scp. You may still browse the files here. You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Services Business VoIP. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Home Browse Nintendont Files. Nintendont Brought to you by: joostinonline.

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nintendont save files

Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. X You seem to have CSS turned off. Briefly describe the problem required :. Upload screenshot of ad required :. Sign Up No, Thank you.Note to Wiibrew staff: Please don't outright nuke this page just for being "warez" like the last page for Nintendont. GameCube games, while supported by the Wii, are not being sold or produced anymore.

If emulators for the Wii can be kept even though they involve warez, then it should also be fine to have a GC loader. Please give a detailed response to this if the page is to be deleted once more, or remove this notice if the page is finally approved to be on Wiibrew. Nintendont is excellent for loading games and it is very fast.

The system needs to have IOS58 to use Nintendont. This may cause issues with games that depend on disc speed. Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection! Antispam by CleanTalk. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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This page was last edited on 28 Mayat Console emulator. Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser.

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nintendont save files

But when I tried to run it, it wouldn't run. I updated Nintendont, but now it doesn't detect the folder. And yes, the folder and the games are there and named it correctly. What do I do? I have hidden file extensions off. Tried deleting boot. Tried deleting nincfg. It didn't work. It did work before. I'll try to get a different sd and see if it's the card, which I doubt it is. To be honest none of the homebrew I have on the sd card is working anymore, so it could be corrupted.

It could also be the adapter, because I'm using a micro sd card. I've been having the same problem.

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It worked fine on my older version, but the newest one won't read it. Everything else can but Nintendont. I'll reformat the SD card and see if it works, but it's definitely odd that we're having the same issue. Maybe one of the updates affected compatibility with certain cards?

EDIT: Reformat didn't work And since everything else on the Wii U can read it just fine from the onboard reader, it's definitely Nintendont. That is odd. I tried with a known good card and it still failed, so I officially have no idea what's going on. I got it working out of nowhere, I think card reader might have been dirty, but I have no clue.

I have a new issue where it's reading the memory card, but not writing to it, but it belongs in a different issue thread. I have the same problem. I have an old build of Nintendont, 4. I have simply swapped the boot.

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I have a 32gb micro sd card formatted to fat32 32 cluster sizegames are stored in their own folders as game.You will then need to create another folder inside of that folder that you can call whatever you want. Inside of that folder, you should put your SD Remix iso there. The installation instructions are on the page, but essentially, you have three files, loader.

You need to rename loader. Put all three of your files in that new folder. Then go to the Homebrew Channel and start up Nintendont:. You will then go to your games list which will look similar to this:. It looks like this:. Of particular interest are Force Widescreen and Force Progressive, which will allow you to play SD Remix in widescreen with higher picture quality. Like Like. I want to try some tests to see where the threshold is. Sorry for the late reply.


I managed to get it working, turns out all i had to do was rename some things. Thank you for the steps on how to do it, im now playing a lot of games i missed out of back then. I have the same problem. I dont know what I did wrong, I renamed theloader to boot and shit, still doesnt work. For some reason, SD Remix has faster speed requirements than normal Melee, for whatever reason.

We found out about this long after finishing development, but I do plan on figuring out why this is the case for the next release by doing experiments and stuff. The first line is a download link to the dol itself, and the second line has instructions and links to the other two files.

I do this all the time. If you rename it, it should recognize. I followed those steps, with the correct naming and I still get boot gc disc only! Anything else that may be wrong? The directory structure could still be incorrect. Make sure game.Originally posted by: school. This page says all files are supposed to be on the SD Card.

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What files, if any, can be stored on a USB drive? Also, it says that HID controllers must "map the Power entry" for the shortcut to work. How is this done? You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Originally posted by: arto. Originally posted by: onmapses On an USB drive for the use of nintendont you can only have nincfg. You need to configure nintendont to use an "emulated" memory card on it's configuration options before it can create one.

If that's the case its because in the real memory card the save game was configured to that language, to change it you MUST start a new game and change the language before starting. Now my turn, nincfg. Finally a suggestion. Is it possible to save the default controller config on nincfg.

Originally posted by: sbec Originally posted by: JordanMc How do I download older versions of Nintendont? I'm experiencing freezing with baten kaitos origins with the latest version but according to the compatibility list Baten kaitos Origins US works v2. Originally posted by: xenowild I just need the controller.

Oh no! Some styles failed to load. 😵

But i can't seem to find it D: can somebody please help me? Originally posted by: faralh Hey Everybody!By sabykosJun 10, 7, 40, Nintendont By sabykosJun 10, 7, 40, Thread Tools Thread Tools.

Page 1 of Level 5. Joined: Jun 10, Messages: Country:. Press Button 2 on wiimote to enter the Button config mode, and release it to exit. If the wiimotes is pointed at the screen you can see IR toggle on and off if the screen accepts cStick input. CaptainHITzongrenStealphie and others like this. Level 6. Joined: Feb 5, Messages: Country:. I'm not entirely convinced, as that channel loaded awfully fast.

Also, if Wii Remote and Classic Controller aren't supported, how exactly can you play? I don't understand how it can support a DualShock. Never personally seen that kind of thing, even with regular Wii developement. Also, since the WiiU can support progressive scan for Wii software, why didn't Wind Waker ask for it? But, on the strong possibility that I'm wrong and that my suspicions are nothing more than internet bitterness, this will be an interesting project to keep an eye on.

Joined: May 16, Messages: 1, Country:. Level 9. Joined: Sep 1, Messages: 2, Country:.

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